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random thoughts, the tv edition

Posted in celebrities, old friends, tv by annie on March 11, 2008

legal disclaimers

I saw Canterbury’s Law last night. Well, actually, this morning, as I’d taped it on DVR (how did I survive before DVRs?). I was very happy to see that it (mostly) got the law right. I have this “thing” about TV show runners who create these lawyer-centered shows (and I’m talking to you, Berlanti, & your Eli Stone writers) without a single thought to the most basic legal realities. My thing is I hate them. They need to stop, now.

strokes must stop

I’m glad to see this new focus on strokes in women. I suppose due to recent information released to the press, we’ve seen several articles (here’s one) about the subject, how the rate’s increasing (though still small), how to avoid them.

My father’s life, and thus the lives of all my immediate family members, including my own, were inexorably altered by his stroke of the hemorrhagic variety my senior year in high school; my mother suffered a series of transient ischemic attacks in her later years that left her searching for my name at times.

So: quit smoking, get your blood pressure checked and managed if necessary, and take a walk every day, if you do nothing else.

there can be only one …

Ghost Hunters vs. Paranormal State: No contest. Ghost Hunters. Every time.

“old” as in past. not old as in … you know. old.

Something’s apparently in the water. I’ve talked with several friends lately who, like me, have been compelled to get in touch with old friends through the internet. All this has been going on in the last few weeks, actually. I’m sure it goes on all the time — it’s just strange that it’s hitting my circle of friends independently and all at once, without any planning or hints.

and the walls come tumblin’ down

Finally, in keeping with the theme of this “random thoughts” entry: tonight is the fifth in a line of seven new episodes of Jericho that represent the magnificent power of the people to make network television brass dance like puppets for peanuts. DANCE, PUPPETS. DANCE!